About the Harvard Open Data Project

The 2017 Harvard Open Data Project Team

We're a student-faculty collaboration dedicated to opening and analyzing Harvard data to empower our community members to improve campus life.

Founded in 2015, HODP hopes to promote transparency by gathering and publishing all of Harvard's public datasets into one data catalog. With Nick Sinai (former deputy CTO of the US and current HKS professor) as our faculty mentor, we are currently working with Harvard's police department and dining services to analyze their datasets in order to make real policy changes. Read our blog for more info!

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Creating Harvard's first open data catalog

In the vein of data.gov, we're gathering and publishing all of Harvard's public datasets in one place. With this, we promote transparency and help students engage better with the university. Check out our datasets!

View the whole open data catalog

Creating data-driven policy with Harvard staff

We're working with Harvard's police department (HUPD) and dining services (HUDS) to open and analyze their datasets. Our analyses will lead to real policy changes and greater student-staff interaction than we've ever seen.

Read about our policy projects

Data science to understand our university

We correctly predicted the outcome of the Harvard UC presidential election using surveys and social media analysis. Now we're turning toward understanding Harvard academics, social life, and finances by analyzing public Harvard data.

Read our analyses
We're working on some really exciting data analysis projects this semester, including:
  • Analyzing low turnout in Harvard's student government elections
  • Finding trends in the popularity of the various majors over time
  • Determining the true amount of diversity among Harvard faculty, staff, and students
  • Determining the most popular general education courses
Check out the full list of projects here (Harvard students only)

Neel Mehta

Founder & Team Lead
Pforzheimer 2018
I'm a senior in Pfoho studying computer science. Outside HODP, I serve as the Finance Committee Chair on the Undergraduate Council, write about civic tech, and skateboard around campus.

Athena Kan

Board Member

Brian Sapozhnikov

Board Member

Nick Sinai

Faculty Mentor

Erie Meyer

Faculty Mentor

Latanya Sweeney

Faculty Mentor

Emma Ling


Alex Giglio


Shira Li


Jeffrey He

Mather 2020
Hi! I’m a currently a sophomore in Mather studying computer science. Outside of HODP, I'm a huge basketball fan, a chess player, and a violinist.

Estefania Lahera


Flora DiCara

I'm a sophomore in Adams studying Social Studies. Outside of HODP I'm active in Harvard's entrepreneurial community and am a student fellow at a venture capital firm.

We are proud partners with Coding it Forward, a community of people using technology for social good. Like Coding it Forward (another Harvard creation), we're passionate about using the tools of technology to increase government transparency, improve citizens' lives, and unlock innovation using data.